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What can it help with?



•    Can be used on open wounds to inhibit bacterial proliferation and reduce possibility of infection.
•    Can be used on skin conditions caused by a bacterial infection, such as mud fever and rain scald.



The effects on wounds  are:
•    The proliferation of cells essential for tissue repair
•    Increase in vaso-dilation at capillary level.
•    Working just below the skins surface accelerating collagen synthesis, the basis of tissue repair.
•    Stimulation of epithelial cells, reducing scar tissue and used correctly helps prevent proud flesh.

Proud flesh can be a common problem, particularly on the limbs of horses. It can delay healing significantly. Using red light around the margins of wounds has shown excellent results in optimising the rate at which the edges of wounds come together.
See case study below.

Other effects of red light phototherapy are:
•    Application over acupuncture points to release endorphins before massage to relax the animal.
•    Vaso-dilation can also help warm up the muscles prior to treatment.

Images Courtesy of Hannah Ashton, Horse and Hound Physiotherapy, Cotswolds

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